The Must Visit Places of Aspen

The Must Visit Places of Aspen

Pitkin county’s most densely populated municipality is located in a remote area of the Sawatch range of the rocky mountains, at an elevation of a bit below 2,400 meters and along the splendid Roaring Fork River. First founded to be a mining camp, Aspen was the feature of the Colorado Silver Boom. It was named as such due to the spread of Aspen trees in the area. Although it’s silver boom ended with the panic of 1893, the town reinvented itself as a ski resort around the middle of the 20th century. If you want to spend your holidays or honeymoon here, then you will be able to stay in Aspen luxury homes, which are stocked with some of the best amenities which this century can provide.

But you may ask, what are the points of attraction in this place? Let’s find out:

Maroon Bells

These twin peaks with numerous trails punctuated with campsites are hikers favourite. But if hiking isn’t up to your speed and you are more of a wildlife or nature admirer, then its jagged peaks, beautiful scenery and panoramic vista will surely captivate you. With more than 14,000 feet in height; the Maroon Bells are full of multi-colored sloped which makes them one of the most photographed locations in North America. We would recommend you head over the summit or take a lazy stroll right around the Nation lake which is also a beaver haven. Pro tip: To see the ranges in all their glory, reach there early in the morning.

Wheeler opera house

Built in the late 1800s by Jerome Wheeler, who was a business tycoon; this opera building has been a staple source of entertainment in the Roaring Fork. The opera house is made using Victorian architecture, charming d├ęcor and a beautiful electric chandelier which is also one of the main attractions. You will be able to get tickets for regular events as they host everything from film screenings to concerts, plays and more. The theatre has great acoustics and is cozy too, which makes up the perfect atmosphere to catch a show here.


This is the ultimate destination for winter sports fans as Aspen’s most popular ski resort makes up 3,332 acres of powdery ski terrain. The ski trails here are made for the intermediate level, but there are challenging stretches for the advanced pros as well. There are also 150 miles of trails, many lifts and a beautiful little village where you will be able to relax and buy souvenirs from shops or perhaps enjoy a meal at a restaurant. The slopes are open from around late November until late April, so plan your trips accordingly.

Independence Pass

Love long drives? Then the independence pass is just for you. This scenic 20-mile road meanders along the beautiful Continental Divide at a breathtaking 12,095 feet above the sea level. Moreover, if you are more of the thrill seeker then the tight turns and towering cliffs will surely get your adrenaline spiking. Are legs feeling cramped after a long drive? How about getting out of the car and then going for a hike where you will witness views unlike anything else. While the thrill may make you take risks, we would advise you to take care navigating the path.

Jon Denver sanctuary

John Denver fans will find a memorial located near the Aspen Art Museum, which is in Rio Grande Park. This memorial consists of multiple stone slabs which bear the musician’s name as well as some of his popular lyrics. John Denver was a fan of Aspen and has sung about the town’s beauty in his songs which includes ‘Aspenglow’. A tribute to this famous singer-songwriter, the memorial has beautiful gardens and inscribed boulders, which makes the visit worth it.

Rio Grande Trail

Starting on the Puppy Smith Road, this trail follows a paved path along the Roaring Fork River. You can also take up a 1.5-mile trek up the Smuggler Mountain Trail if you want something more intermediate. But if you really want a challenge, then take up the 8.5-mile rigorous excursion right up to the Conundrum Hot Springs which very few visitors are able to reach. But do enjoy the breathtaking views along the trail, especially the swathes of abundant wildflowers during summers. We would recommend taking up the American Lake trails or the Cathedral Lake since they are the best spots due to their color.

Live Music Shows

Now, going hiking or skiing is certainly thrilling, but while on a holiday, people need to relax and slow down a little. So during the labor days, Jazz Aspen Snowmass puts out the yearly June Experience. You can also head over to the Aspen Music Festival & School, which offers classical music festivals from late June, straight into late August. The best part is that they also provide training to college-age students. Want more options? There is the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, which also puts out amazing stage, dance and vocal productions.

Aspen is a winter wonderland where people come to relax and feel closer to nature. It is full of natural ridges, trails and snowy slopes which allow one to partake in natural excursions to their heart’s fill. The picnic spots in here also make it perfect for family vacations. So whether you are here with your gang of friends or just looking for respite from the daily routine of life with your family- this is the place to head up to.

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